K. G. Borland

Author bio:

Kyle G. Borland was born in Massachusetts but has lived half his life in Europe and the other half all over the US. Kyle has had a love of writing for a long time. His first published piece was last year in the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review’s Fall-Winter Edition 2009 for his short story, Banishment.

Now residing in Alabama, Kyle lives with his parents and his black lab, Chloe.

He is a senior in high school but hopes to complete his final year early. When asked about graduating early, Kyle says, “I want to have that time that would be the second semester as a time to write and travel. I feel ahead of the game trying to get published this young. Hopefully, I keep that feeling and make the best out of this up-and-coming year.”

Kyle is currently working on his first full length novel.

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