Unlocked Book Trailer

Hello everyone! We hope you like this book trailer. We'll try to put together a shorter version for your enjoyment soon.


  1. Wow Wendy that is awesome. Nicely done. I'll be bugging you when I need a trailer.

  2. Wendy,

    This is FAB FAB Fabulous!! I just now got to see it because my computer wouldn't show it. I am at a college computer in Vermont so I didn't get to hear the sound, but I' ll manage it somehow.

    Please don't shorten it. I think it's perfect. I'm so pleased you found a use for your beautiful photos and for mine of the buildings in France. The blue door opens the lower level of a three-level farm house we lived in for two weeks, St. Sernin de Plain, France.

  3. I love the music! It seems perfect for it.