Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

Review by Rita J Webb. Rita is the author of Symbiote in the anthology Unocked and is currently working on a full-length novel version of Symbiote.

Inside Out (Inside Out, #1)Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trella's job is to clean the pipes of Inside, a 4 story building that has trapped the human population for about 180,000 weeks. She knows every crook and cranny and hiding place and passage, even the way to get to the upper floors where the lowly scrubs are segregated.

The Pop Cops patrol the lower floors, preaching the upper floors dominance over the lower floors and controlling the scrubs (what the people of the lower floors are called).

When a prophet starts preaching that he knows where to find the Gateway to the outside, he convinces Trella to help him find the computer disks that will lead the way.

This was an amazing story. Was this really the same author that wrote Poison Study? Both books were well written with an engaging plot and loveable characters, but the books are so vastly different.

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