Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Gist
Finn (Giles) isn't adjusting well to the world outside Incarceron. He thought he'd find freedom. Instead, he finds a pretend world full of political games and intrigue. In Incarceron, you fight your battles. Outside, you pretend there are no battles as you maneuver pieces on the board.

But even worse, he made a promise to his oath brother and he can't keep it. No matter how they try, they can't get the portal working.

And Claudia is fed up with Finn's sullen and moody nature.

When someone looking just like Finn and is much more adept at playing the game shows up, nobody knows who the real prince is. But even though Finn remembers very little about his past, Claudia still believes Finn is the real missing heir to the throne.

In the meantime, Keiro and Atia are still stuck in Incarceron and the prison has sent them on a quest to bring the glove of Sapphique to the Warden.

What I liked
With this book, I was much more satisfied with this ending than I was with the last one in the series. Throughout the book, I was impressed by the amazing storytelling and the complexity of the plot. So many threads, and the author handled each thread like a master weaver. When I grow up, I want to write stories like that.

What I didn't like
The characters' voices could have been a bit stronger. If one of the perspectives had been written in 1st person, rather than 3rd limited, I would have been more immersed into the story. But honestly, that's just nitpicking.

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